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Wuyi Hecheng Iron Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, has been 20 years of history, its registration "and into the hall" trademark. Predecessor was founded in 1992, "Wang precision casting factory, is located is known as" fluorite village, spring city "reputation of Wuyi, convenient transportation.
And into the hall is a company specializing in the production process of cast iron teapot care company, we have the spirit of professional spirit of tea culture, tea ceremony, borrow out to members of the teapot, teapot. complete specifications, various colors and patterns with plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum are exquisite and elegant, simple and elegant, practical, health, appreciation and collection in a body, is the tea ceremony in the boutique. Because of the company's intentions and casting, by all the people who love tea hobby, products are exported to Korea, Japan, Europe and other countries, by new and old customers favor. The company of the tea party, warmly welcome you.

The world top grade tea line
The origin of tea culture is china. Chinese is the hometown of tea, tea Chinese, reportedly began in the era of Shen Nong, at least 4700 years
The. Until now, the Chinese people have the custom of tea on behalf of the people. The preparation of tea from different parts of China is diverse: Taihu
The smell of smoked bean tea, Suzhou tea, Hunan tea, ginger Shushan Xia Jun tea, Taiwan Dongding tea in Hangzhou, Fujian, Longjing green tea
Oolong tea and so on.

Tea tea ceremony, is also the road. For tea, and affordable, in order to complement each other
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